When the sun passes over the yardarm…



We can have our grog. Now if we don’t have a yardarm we’ll never know it is 11am. So here is a 40 foot-high yardarm with a few flags. Meshed in at 5 prim = Flags = 6 overall. Fun project. Learned that spherical projection of the UV actually produces a globe.

Yardarm Render


Shipping Crate


Again, I needed a crate, so I made one. This went much better. After I found a plan, making it was easy, just a bunch of loops and extrusions to the box. Texturing is where this comes alive. Pine planks and pine reinforcement. Getting good textures makes better. Not Fragile is the BTO homage, the 69 comes from the prototype photo I saw.


I needed one of these for the shop. So I made it. The project troubled me somewhat as the prims were high. I’d made too many faces. Building each plank separately in Modo – like at the back behind the slate. Eventually I simplified it, making 3 faces overall, so a texture can be dropped onto the slate easily, and the rest managed by the UV maps. Maps I say as the wood and slate were 2 objects, and the rope and shadow a third. So three textures – four if you count the slate on the other side .

A Bollard

This was fun and I learned a lot. Meshing was easy. This was the first decent UV map I made. I added a shadow layer manually. I boxed this all up and put it on the MP and into our vendor, with a plain rusty texture, and shadow texture and the shadow + rusty texture (below). Rulette made a stunning balancing animation for the bollard. I need to update the package with that.